Saturday, January 9, 2010

Life without Cable!

So one of my new years resolutions was to save money. One way that I decided to save money is by canceling my cable. I had already downgraded to the cheapest package which consisted of what seemed like sub basic cable channels. I had the 4 main local news channels and then about 75 infomercial channels. So really there were only 4 legitimate options of shows to watch at once. I did DVR shows and movies that I'd otherwise miss while at work. But all in all I realized that:

#1 I don't watch that much TV. I had been watching the news in the morning and at night. However I don't really have any 'shows'. I'll admit the only show I watch each week is 'The Bachelor', and my girl friends and I get together to watch it.
#2 With HULU and the growth of t.v shows and movies being streamed on the internet, I figured that I could just watch 'T.V' on the computer if I really wanted to watch a show.
#3 I can read the news online to stay in touch with what's going on in the world and in my city. I had already been doing this, but with the absence of TV, I just rely solely on getting the news online.
#4 I'm not a big reader, I'll admit. Without TV I end up reading more!

Beyond the internet...
So now that I don't have cable, I have not only been watching 'TV" online, but I've also been wiping the dust off of my DVD's. I own approximately 25 DVD's. I decided that I would post my DVD's on Share Some Sugar so others could borrow them. If you're reading this and you own 1 DVD, I have a request. How about posting your DVD on Share Some Sugar and helping out the Cable-less people like myself?

If you're not a member yet, go ahead and sign up @
Once you're a member:
- Click on 'my items'-->Add one item
- Click on Entertainment-->Other-->DVD
and enter the title of the movie and any info along with a photo of
the movie (you can grab one from Amazon).
That's it!

I look forward to being able to borrow movies from neighbors instead of buying or paying to rent them. I hope you are excited for this as well! Let's all save $, meet new neighbors and catch up on movies while it's freezing cold outside!


  1. I've been getting by on Hulu and Netflix mostly for a few years now. One of the first things I noticed besides the lack of a cable bill was how much more I was getting done.

    I highly endorse "taming your media consumption" this way. You'd be amazed at the results.

  2. I completely agree! I was never a big TV watcher in the first place... plus it's nice to have a ritual to go over to a friends house once a week to watch a show together.