Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Share Some Sugar Goes Social! New Updates & Features!

New Features Have Launched!
After lots of hard work, we are proud to announce some exciting new (and useful) features to Share Some Sugar! It's now easier for you to share, borrow and have a great experience in your neighborhood! Thanks for all of your great feedback. It helped us improve the site to meet (and hopefully exceed) your needs!

Here's a flavor of what you can experience now on Share Some Sugar:

Sharing Groups: Share Within Your Social Network! Now you can now share with people you know and trust. Create your own Sharing Groups and invite your friends from Facebook or by entering their email addresses. Click 'Create New Group' and follow the steps from there!

Wishlist: We'll Help You Find Things That You Need! Looking for something that hasn't been posted yet? Add it to your wishlist and we'll notify you as soon as someone has posted it. Click 'Add to My Wishlist'!

And lots, lots more!

- Merge Your Facebook account with Share Some Sugar to take full advantage of our new features.
- Search and browse for items within your Friends, Groups and your Neighborhood.
- Item icons are now pictures of the exact item so it's easier to visually browse and borrow.
- Neighborhood Buzz: see what your friends (and groups) are sharing, borrowing and wishing for.

We love hearing from you- so send us your ideas or just let us know how we're doing, so we can continue to improve the Share Some Sugar experience!

Your Neighbors,

Shugie (your favorite neighbor) & Keara (Share Some Sugar founder)


  1. I like what you are doing, so i wrote a song for you, hope you like it:

  2. Love what your doing:) Would it be possible to work with you to make a re skinned version of existing software so we can help the public to solve other social issues (Ideally using the business structure)? Maybe working with someone like or which is closing so maybe this is something I could help you take on so everyone can share local knowledge? Also can share video's and create with your team?

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  4. You're idea is EXACTLY what I have been looking for in our neighborhood! Thought I'd have to invent the wheel myself, was VERY glad to find your site, though!
    Am struggling with some of the features, however, and have written you a few emails but yet to hear back. Am eager to get this going...would LOVE to hear from you ASAP!
    I'll post the questions here, too, just in case:
    1. How do I get rid of all but one of my groups that I created by accident?
    2. I have sent emails to 5 friends, but can't find 3 of them who have since "joined" (3 have added inventory).
    3. How do I switch a friend to one of my groups, and vice versa?


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